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Editor - Map
Wednesday, 04 March 2009 01:20
We've released the latest version of our Map Tools for download. If you are interested in building mobs or areas, just browse to our downloads section and get the Thing and Map Editors in a zip file.
Current game Status
News - Latest

Everyday bring a little more progress on both the client and server-side game components. Recent additions include creature inventory and looting of items and treasure, shopkeepers, buy/sell metrics and drop/get commands. Overall the game is beginning to work as an rpg should, and years of thought are slowly coming into being. This is currently a Mac RPG, specifically with OSX users in mind.

We'd like to encourage your to read our forums, not just for the latest news and updates but to keep in touch with our release dates.

April still looks like a possible test run for those interested.

Mac Map Editor
Editor - Map

Here's a complete map editor for DC. We are looking for great map builders to join us. All you need to do is join the forums, download the mc rpg editor and sample bitmaps and start building! You can find the link to our Mac Map Editor on our downloads page.

Dark Chaos Map Editor and World Builder 

Our help files and guidelines can be found inside the editor and online. 


DC Screens
About Dark Chaos - Client / Server

We've taken some screenshots of gameplay and features of the working Dark Chaos client. Our goal is to create a smooth graphical interface to eliminate excessive text for room descriptions and game action. Combat still appears in text format for simplicity's sake much like an ordinary RPG MUD. 

Graphical Mud game screenshot - cemetery resuurection The gane Stats window in Dark Chaos Fantasy RPG Game Stat window and recall zone in Darkhaven of the Dark Chaos Client A good screen of the northwestern tower in Darkhaven

Dark Chaos killing rats screenshot in a graphical mud Multiple Corpses as a result of massive rat-slaying festival in Dark Chaos RPG Game

If you have any questions or suggestions for our mac rpg, please post in the forums! 


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